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Our Service Philosophy

We believe that each child deserves to always be respected as the capable, unique and important individual they are. Each child has opportunities to participate in child-led, play based learning, and is challenged and supported to investigate, explore, wonder and delight. Their interests, abilities, achievements and individual identity are celebrated by their Educators, and we wholeheartedly encourage children to navigate risks, to try, fail, reflect upon and learn from new experiences for themselves, engage in messy, creative and physical play, and to have their thoughts, ideas and voice heard, respected and reflected in the experiences, and activities they are invited to engage in, and the respect and learning partnerships they share with Educators, peers, and the community.

We honour the incredibly important role that families play as their child’s first and most important teacher. We continually endeavour to consult with families, and ensure we incorporate their thoughts, ideas, values and knowledge in every decision we make for their child in meaningful ways. Families are consulted in all aspects of decision making, and their knowledge, values, skills, and goals are utilised across the spectrum, from their child’s learning, our approach to cultural, celebrations through to centre extra curricula experiences, and social gatherings. We are so grateful to share a rich and meaningful partnership with each family, supporting their child to feel a deep connection between home and the care environment

We are committed to ensuring that children, families and Creative Minds stakeholders have the opportunity to be active, involved members of their local community, and that they have a chance to contribute their voice to community decision making. We believe that all members of the community deserve opportunities for reciprocal learning and relationships, and endeavour to ensure we build meaningful, embedded partnerships with community groups, organisations, facilities and individuals to co-construct ideas, and share knowledge and ideas.

It is incredibly important to us to respect the history, culture, language and beliefs of the traditional custodians of the land where we meet to learn, the Yugambeh People. We are committed to continual learning, growth and evolution of our practices and our pedagogy to ensure that Yugambeh culture is embedded in every aspect of our learning. We actively engage in learning from Elders, Community groups, families of the Yugambeh region and through professional development, and ensure that all we are privileged to learn supports us to continually grow towards reconciliation.

Supporting small children to learn, wonder and delight in the world that surrounds them is done so with the intent to assist the child to develop a strong, positive self-identity, which will carry them through the rest of their future. It therefore is explicit that we are consistently acting to ensure a positive environmental future for children to experience. We are committed to the pursuit of knowledge, skills and practices that of low environmental impact, and ensuring that we are sharing our passion and knowledge for environmental respect with the children, families and community of Creative Minds. We are also committed to ensuring that children and Educators have consistent opportunities to actively engage with flora and fauna in naturally formed learning environments, for nature play, environmental conservation and education.

As Educators of small children, our knowledge, practices and principles are guided by theory and research in Early Childhood Education, and we use theoretical concepts to shape interaction with children, to guide learning and create meaningful environments and situations for children to develop. In our infant and toddler learning environments, we are primarily guided by the theories of John Bowlby and Erik Erikson, building secure, respectful attachments, and being responsive to each child and their unique needs. As children develop, we continue utilising the theories of Erikson and Bowlby in our practices, and also take influence from the theories of Maria Montessori, supporting children to recognise their independent, autonomous selves, Loris Malaguzzi, and his theoretical belief that children are capable individuals, with the ability and desire to construct their own knowledge, and the cognitive development theory of Jean Piaget, supporting the concept that children learn through play

As a professionally accredited Early Childhood Education provider, we always maintain standards of professional pedagogy. We ensure that our practices, principles and program are directly connected to the National Early Years Learning Framework -‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and the ‘Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines’. These Frameworks, along with the National Laws and Regulations, and the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care are the foundations upon which all of our pedagogy, policies, procedures and practices are built. Through a process of ongoing critical reflection and quality improvement, we ensure that we are aligned with and continually striving to exceed national standards in quality Early Childhood Education.

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