About Management & Maintenance

The Creative Minds team is led by our management team  Janelle , Christine  and Kelsey who have had an abundance of experience in guiding and supporting a team of passionate Educators to achieve excellent outcomes for children. Maintaining quality and compliance we have Alexey to manage the maintenance of the service. We also have the lovely Miss Bek who is the centre cook, cooking amazing meals from scratch to ensure the children’s nutritional needs are met.
The management team have extensive knowledge and experience in Centre Management, with many years of experience within the Early Childhood industry.
They are committed to excellence in early education and care whilst also ensuring our services core values are enhanced.

At Creative Minds, we are incredibly passionate about ensuring your child feels a strong sense of belonging, and we understand the importance of meaningful connection with familiar Educators in achieving this. For this reason, we have carefully selected a team of incredible, dedicated and nurturing staff to work within our studios; each Educator’s strengths, passions and knowledge have been carefully considered when making the decision about which Studio they are placed in, and we are confident that this is reflected in the relationships they are able to create and the wonder, curiosity and learning they are able to promote for every child.